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If you're seeking a path to healing and personal growth, I'm here to guide you towards creating your most fulfilling life. Together, we'll embark on a journey of transformation, empowering you to unlock your potential and embrace a future filled with purpose and vitality.

Life Coaching  

Through personalized guidance and accountability, I help you navigate challenges and achieve meaningful growth by clarifying  goals and overcoming obstacles to help you unlock your full potential.  Life coaching provides support in creating meaningful and lasting change.

Grief Coaching

I provide comforting support and guidance for individuals navigating the painful emotions of loss. Through tailored strategies and empathetic understanding, I help you honor your experiences, find healing, and discover pathways to renewed hope and resilience.

End Of Life Doula

I offer caring, compassionate companionship, and practical support to individuals and families facing the end-of-life journey. With a focus on comfort, dignity, and holistic care, I provide emotional guidance and personalized assistance to honor your wishes and enhance your or your loved one's quality of life during this sacred transition.

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Are you tired of struggling alone to achieve your goals?

Our results based coaching sessions can help! Here are some common pain points that you may be experiencing:

Limited Progress

Have you been working hard towards your goals, but not seeing the progress you want? As your coach, I will provide personalized feedback and guidance to help you overcome obstacles and reach your full potential.

Lack of Accountability

Are you finding it difficult to stay on track and hold yourself accountable for making progress towards your goals? Our coaching sessions provide a supportive community of like-minded individuals who will hold you accountable and keep you motivated.

Lack of Clarity

Do you feel uncertain about what steps to take to achieve your goals? I provide the clarity and guidance that will put you on the best path forward to help you achieve your desired outcomes.

Limited Resources

Are you struggling with limited resources, such as time, money, or knowledge? Our coaching sessions provide access to a wealth of resources and expertise to help you overcome any obstacles in your way.

"I am deeply thankful for your assistance in the life coaching you provided to me. Your guidance has been instrumental in helping me navigate challenges, stay motivated, and thrive in my career. The impact of our sessions has been truly inspiring, providing a healing experience for which I am deeply grateful."

April Turch  

/ Finance

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Woman with dark hair in bun

Incredibly supportive, she helped me to develop a plan of action that felt both achievable and exciting.

Anna Smith

UI/UX Designer 

I feel grateful to have found such a wonderful coach, and I highly recommend Linda to anyone looking to make positive changes in their life.

Paul Simons

Financial Consultant

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