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People seek end-of-life doula services for various reasons, including supporting someone nearing the end of life, planning legacies, understanding post-death arrangements, or offering compassionate support to friends.

What support do you need?

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what is an end of life doula?

An end-of-life doula, (also known as a death doula), is a non-medical professional who provides physical, emotional, and spiritual support to individuals and their families as they approach the end of life. Similar to birth doulas who support women during childbirth, end-of-life doulas offer guidance, companionship, and advocacy to individuals facing terminal illness or nearing death.

The role of an end-of-life doula can vary widely depending on the needs and preferences of the individual and their family. Overall, end-of-life doulas serve as companions and advocates for individuals and families facing the end of life, offering holistic support to help them navigate this challenging and sacred journey with dignity, compassion, and peace.

what’s in the Program; Areas I cover

Here are some of the topics I cover.

Emotional support
  • I offer compassionate listening and emotional support to individuals and their loved ones as they navigate the complex emotions and challenges associated with dying.
Legacy Work
  • Legacy work: Some end-of-life doulas help individuals reflect on their life experiences, values, and personal beliefs, and assist them in creating meaningful legacy projects such as writing letters to loved ones, recording life stories, or creating memory books.
Advance care planning
  •  End-of-life doulas can assist individuals in creating advance directives, making decisions about medical treatment options, and communicating their wishes for end-of-life care to healthcare providers and family members.
Comfort measures
  • End-of-life doulas may provide comfort measures such as gentle touch, massage, guided relaxation techniques, and aromatherapy to help alleviate pain, anxiety, and discomfort.
Practical Assistance
  • This may include helping with daily tasks such as meal preparation, household chores, and running errands to alleviate some of the burdens faced by the individual and their family members.

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